Custom Reporter Cells
The highest-activity lucerifase reporter: Now anchored to the cell membrane, extracellularly displayed, self-stabilized for prolonged glow activity, and GLOW-ENHANCED for GLOW activity that exceeds flash activity of other luciferases.

By focusing on reporter genes, vectors, and assay reagents, we have been able to produce exceptional products and services for our customers. We started with humanized and secreted Gaussia luciferase, already established as having the highest activity of any published luciferase, which can be up to 1,000-fold higher than firefly or Renilla luciferases.

Available ONLY FROM XACTAGEN, we developed membrane-anchored Gaussia luciferase. The membrane-anchored enzyme retains the flash capabilities of secreted Gaussia luciferase and is anchored to the cell membrane and extracellularly displayed - so there is no need to lyse cells to monitor activity. We further modified the enzyme so that GLOW activity is "self-stabilized": no chemical stabilizers are required to prolong glow activity of the enzyme. And finally, we modified the enzyme to enhance glow activity more than 10-fold over secreted Gaussia luciferase and far above other luciferases, including chemically stabilized luciferases. Combined with our innovative vector designs (e.g. as small as 2.5kb) and assay reagents, we know of no luciferase with higher activity.

As a result of reporter, vector, and assay designs, the high signal to noise enables analysis of not only moderate or strong promoters, but also weak promoters that are below detetion limits of other systems. These unique features make Xactagen reporter vectors and reporter cells a clear choice for not only in vitro applications, but also for in vivo studies utilizing whole-animal imaging technologies.