Working Properties
Xactagen scientists have years of lab experience and we regularly use our reporter cells in our own labs. We have designed assays for productive, practical use in a commercial lab where value is placed on obtaining high-content results efficiently.

Gaussia luciferase assay reagents
Xactagen has developed assay reagents that surpass competitive products for both flash and glow applications.
Xactagen assays require minimal reagent preparation and only a few simple assay steps. Assays are designed to be performed by technicians or by automated liquid handlers.
Both secreted and membrane assays may be placed in cold storage to effectively increase the working time of the experiment. After treating cells with reagents, secreted reporter cells may be placed in refrigerator or freezer, or membrane cells frozen, and the assay completed at another convenient time to better accommodate lab priorities and schedules.

To learn more about assay performance, see our technology section.