Natural Expression
Endogenous reporter cells are the most comprehensive means of indexing gene expression

Xactagen produces endogenous reporter cells by introducing promoterless and enhancerless vectors containing Gaussia luciferase or Ptilosarcus GFP into natural genes.

As a result, gene regulation accurately reflects natural promoters, enhancers, suppressors and micro-RNAs as well as localized chromosomal influences such as DNA methylation. Accordingly, they are more accurate compared to exogenous reporter vectors, and often reveal regulatory networks or drug candidates unattainable with exogenous reporter vectors and cells.

Proprietary methods produce endogenous reporter cells for virtually any receptor, gene, signaling pathway, or drug.

Choose to have us target a specific gene, or have us induction clone large sets of reporter cells that are responsive to pathway-specific cell ligands or to drug candidates - at very affordable prices.