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  Xactagen specializes in reporter vectors and cells – providing better products and services for our customers. Our uniquely engineered reporter genes, vector designs, and assay reagents all combine to provide reporter activities that far exceed those of competitive products. For many (if not most) gene promoters, the difference is essential for accurate indexing of gene expression. Luciferase and GFP options are available.

  Exogenous reporter vectors/cells: Our reporter genes and vector designs provide more sensitive and accurate cell-based assays for specific transcription response elements (TREs) and gene promoters - for bench top, high throughput screening, or animal imaging applications.

  Endogenous reporter cells: Xactagen produces endogenous reporter cells, where reporters introduced into native genes are regulated by native promoters, enhancers, local DNA modifications and miRNAs. - Our sensitivities and production capabilities are unsurpassed –

  Gaussia Luciferase Assay Reagents: Whether using Xactagen vectors or those from another supplier, Xactagen assay reagents will provide higher flash or glow activity than compepitive reagents.

  Services: In addition to our catalog items, we provide custom cell-based assay solutions for in vitro and in vivo research and drug discovery. Included are custom TRE and gene promoter vectors/cells, induction cloned reporter cells responsiveness to biological agents / drug candidates, and drug screening / discovery services. We have assisted both pharmaceutical companies and academic laboratories.